Neuropsychology Consultants, Pllc
Forensic Neuropsychology Services

Legal Referrals

Forensic neuropsychology is the application of neurocognitive testing and psychological evaluation to answering legal questions.  The forensic neuropsychologist examines individuals with suspected brain dysfunction or serious mental illness, then is able to arrive at conclusions about their functioning that may be of interest to an agency or to a court of law.  Dr. Walker also works with parents and families who are in crisis, to aid the court in making parenting time or sexual abuse determinations. Dr. Walker has consulted on cases involving the following questions:

Criminal Law

Competence for trial
State of mind at the time of the offense
Diminished capacity
Risk of violence
Psychosexual assessment
Competence to waive Miranda rights
Competence to confess/False confessions
Mental retardation/Brain injury
Capital sentence mitigation
Competence for execution

Civil Law

Personal injury
Impact of brain injuries
Impact of toxic exposure
Psychological injuries

Family/Probate Law

Parental competence
Parenting time/Child custody evaluations
Testamentary capacity
Need for conservator
Sexual abuse evaluations

Employment Law

Workers’ Compensation
Harassment/Discrimination litigation
Fitness for duty
Risk of violence to coworkers/students
Professional impairment
ADA/Reasonable accommodations 
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